“The Protector” 110 Wood Bat


"The Protector" 110 Wood Bat $139.00$149.00

What are your goals?

  • Current bat is too light
  • Hands sting on contact
  • Handle is to skinny
  • Need protection from inside pitches
Bat Description

The M110 “Protector” is perfect for Contact, Complete and Slap hitters. This bat is all about protection. Protecting you from inside pitches. From stinging hands when batting. From poor timing due to a lighter-than-average bat. The Protector makes it easier for you to deliver a consistent and reliable performance.

Bat Details
  • Available in ash, maple or birch hardwoods
  • Barrel measures 2 1/2 inches in diameter.
  • Handle is under 1″ inch and has a non-flared knob.
  • Perfect for players transitioning for metal bats to wood bats.
  • Produces minimum air drag and offers good control over the hitting zone.
  • Model made for Mickey Mantle
  • Can hit homeruns with the 110 wood bat model.
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Transition to Wood

The 110 wood bat is a famous model that gives the hitter a large barrel and a bigger barrel than the 271. The 110 wood bat model is available in sizes 32 inches to 34 1/2 inches in length. This wood bat is perfect for youth and high school players.

Balanced Weight Distribution

The 110 has a thick handle that measures 1 inch and has a flared knob. Baseball hitters who like or need a thicker handle wood bat that is evenly balanced at -3 or -1 ounce in weight, the 110 is what you need.

Grab the Mantle

Yankee great Mickey Mantle personally worked with bat-makers to create the model that made #7 a Hall of Famer. A career .300 hitter with 536 homeruns with the M110 wood bat.

If you are a hitter that wants a bat that allows you to get more aggressive in the batters’ box, add “The Protector” to customize and buy a 110 wood bat, today.

Additional information

Dimensions36 × 3 × 3 in